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How to use


Sleep on side is a wearable device for sleep position modification changing the habit of sleeping on back to sleeping on side

Who benefits from sleeping position Modification?

  • Positional snorers (people who snore more while sleeping on back)
  • Positional obstructive sleep apnea
  • (people who suffer more episodes of apnea while sleeping on back)
  • laryngopharyngeal reflex disease (acid reflux in throat)
  • gasteroesophageal reflex disease (heart burn)

Sleep on side is not effective for

  • People with spinal problems
  • Heavy drinkers
  • People on strong sedative medicines
  • People who are confined to bed
  • People with neurological complications

Tips while using sleep on side

  • Support head with a pillow
  • Use daily for best results
  • people with heart burn must sleep only on left side

'Sleep on side' is not a medical device. It is a personal health training device to modify sleeping position to attain health benefits. Does not claim any treatment results.



Traditionally a snoring accompanied sleep has been considered to be a deep restful sleep. But scientific facts now have revealed that snoring is injurious to health. This condition is called Obstructive Sleep Apnea, occurring during sleep due to obstruction while breathing. Did you know that Apnea creates a period of cessation or inability to breathe for more than 10 seconds in some cases? A person suffering from OSA will be making an effort to breathe, but the obstruction blocks the airway.

Why OSA occurs while sleeping?

It is a result of upper airway resistance caused by its unnatural collapse. A dynamic obstruction; as the natural tone or elasticity of pharyngeal muscles is lost at sleep. As a first step for correcting this defect, the level of obstruction needs to be assessed in a professionally monitored sleep lab.

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How to Treat

  • Sleeping position modification.
  • Underlying factors correction.
  • CPAP or BIPAP (gold standard).
  • Surgical correction: Tongue base reduction, Mandibular and maxillary advancement, UPPP, Nasal and Palatal surgeries.

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